Those who collect and use knives may have noticed the high cost of certain brands of knives; they may have also asked themselves whether a brand-name knife is necessary, or if they could forgo the product’s name recognition in favor of saving a few dollars. Read on to learn more about why you should buy a knife from a popular manufacturer instead of choosing a no-name product.

The allure of a low price tag may be too much for certain knife enthusiasts to pass up, but doing so could end up costing Read the rest of this entry »

The relationship between a person and his or her weapon is a very personal one, whether the sword is part of a collection or intended for actual use. Choosing the perfect type of weapon can be a unique challenge. The first thing to consider is its use. A decorative sword is very different than a fencing weapon. Weight and size are also factors.

Swords from (or styled after) Medieval Europe are very different than Asian swords. European swords can be bulky Read the rest of this entry »

Pocket knives are becoming mainstream. Once associated with Boy Scouts and outdoor adventure, these useful gadgets are making their way into the pockets of people from all ways of life. Today’s pocket knives come in a variety of sizes and patterns designed to appeal to all ages. Knives can be used to open letters, cut food, tear through plastic packaging and much more.
Some people have started carrying pocket knives as a means of protection. Unlike guns, knives don’t require a license and are very affordable. Pocket knives are designed to be small and easily concealable, Read the rest of this entry »

Knife and sword collections are great to have around and show off, but they can also be pretty expensive. Like any other collection, it is a tremendous investment in both time and money that you just don’t want to leave out in the open – you want to protect it.

Lots of people try to take out insurance policies on their collections, but today I’m going to suggest something a little more proactive. I’m going to suggest a home security system.

Systems like the ones offered through sites like, provide the home with 24/7 monitoring. That basically means that regardless of whether or not you are in the home, if the alarm is triggered, it’ll automatically cause a blip on the security provider’s radar and proper action will be taken.

They also have some great equipment including infrared motion detecting sensors and even a series of sensors and chimes that make a sound and trigger the alarm when a protected door is opened. A lot of it is top of the line, but worth it.

Let’s face it, you didn’t spend all that time and money collecting all of those swords just so they could be stolen by an intruder. That’s why you need to protect them and that site I showed you can help get you started.

The state of Ohio is not only known for it’s political history, railways and for being the first state in the North West to enter the union, but it’s also known for it’s famous faces and media figures. There are quite an extensive list of famous people who were born and raised in Ohio, ranging from political figures to inventors to comedians to film directors to infamous killers.

One of the most recognized people that comes from Ohio is famous actor and comedian Arsenio Hall. Hall was born in Cleveland, Ohio and is best known for his Read the rest of this entry »

Collecting Knives is the fourth or fifth largest collection hobbies that people have. Knifes collecting really took off after the beginning of world war two. There are also Knife collections which date back more than 1000 years. When someone is starting a knife collection, they may start out by buying knives they think look nice. After a while, they may learn a little bit more about knife collecting and start buying more expensive knives for their own personal collection. Some important features to look at when Read the rest of this entry »

Choosing the right knife can be a daunting task. If you like to camp, it is a good idea to have a multi-function knife that has a variety of tools. These come in handy for can opening, cutting tree limbs, and a host of other functions. Differrent blades cut differently. There are many places to purchase knives. Sporting goods stores offer wide selections from pocket knives to machetes. Staff can direct you to what knives are best for one’s personal needs.Confused? Here ‘s a little help . Read the rest of this entry »

We all have something we enjoy looking at, learning about, and buying. These items can be from our favorite movies, bands, or sports teams. Many people dedicate a portion of their home to displaying their collectibles. Some, however, don’t limit their collecting to a shelf. Their collections start to consume their money, time, and living space. Here are three ways to know if you have become an obsessive collector?

1. Budget

If your collection is taking away from your family budget and you find yourself choosing collectibles over bills, you may be obsessed.

2. Time Spent

Collecting can be time Read the rest of this entry »

Collecting knives and swords can be a hobby that gives lifelong enjoyment. Some people are enamored of the history behind weaponry. Others enjoy the artistry and craftsmanship behind decorative or replica weaponry. Still others use knives for hunting or fishing, and enjoy having a collection of various types. When you are just beginning to start your collection, you will want to be aware of rules and regulations around buying, selling, keeping and carrying your knives or swords.
Regulations about blades vary from state to state and in some cases from region to region. Legislation varies further depending on the nature of the knife. In many areas, you are permitted to carry a pocket knife, hunting knife or work related knife. Sometimes the only restriction says that the knife may not be concealed, meaning that if you carry it in a visible manner it is permissible. Many areas of the country prohibit knifes that are perceived solely as weapons, such as switchblades or butterfly knives. Knives are almost always prohibited in public areas such as schools, courthouses,, and of course airports.
Flea markets, knife shows, and events such as renaissance fairs are often hotspots for collectors to buy trade and sell their knives. If you are doing business out of your home state, be sure and ask the salesman what regulations pertain to the area you are currently in.

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